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Searching for a job using the Job Bank website. Today’s topic will be about searching for a job in Canada.. Finding a job in Canada will greatly contribute to raising your psychological state and accelerating your adaptation to life in your new country.. It is true that all your problems will not end with this, but it will certainly reduce greatly. .

There is no specific recipe that can be followed to get your first job in Canada.. this is affected by several factors such as the degree of your language proficiency (the most important factor in my view), your previous experiences, the job you are looking for, the city in which you are looking for work and the economic conditions of the country in general.. Etc. Biography (Rizumi) on the Canadian way:

The first step
Before the research, it is to prepare your CV in the Canadian way.. Al-Rizumi here is completely different in terms of form and content from the CV that you used to present in your country.


Important Tips:
1- Allocate the resume according to the job you are applying for.. Take care to write the keywords mentioned in the ad.. Do not submit the same resume for all jobs.

2- Do not write the word résumé at the beginning of the page, but write your name, address, telephone number and email.

3- There is no need to put page frames or use large fonts to maintain the professional look of the Rizumi.

4- Do not write your religion, gender, nationality, age, date of birth, marital status, and of course do not put a picture of you.

5- Your work experience (previous jobs) precedes your degrees (universities and schools)

6- Try to avoid mentioning any reference to your country of origin in previous jobs and your academic degrees.

7- Avoid mentioning your academic degrees if you want to apply for an Entry Level job, otherwise you will be rejected because you are Overqualified.


For more information on how to prepare the Canadian rhizome, click here: www.youth.gc There are several ways to search for a job in Canada:

1- Search online the most famous sites in this field: Canada Job Bank, workopolis, monster and indeed (an excellent site that collects search results from several sites) and classified aid sites such as kijiji and craigslist

2- Newspapers, advertisements and banners, always look around, as many stores put the Help Wanted or Now Hiring sign.

3- Friends and acquaintances. Reference through friends is one of the most important ways to find a job in Canada. Many of the available jobs are not advertised, which is the so-called hidden job market.

4- Delivery of rhizomes by hand Print a set of rhizomes and visit the shops near you, ask them if there are vacancies and leave your CV for the future.

5-job fairs The event organizer gathers many employers in one place, the advantage here is that you will conduct many interviews (interviews) in a short time in the same place.

6- Use of immigrant support centers Ask the help of the New Immigrants Center, they will train you on how to write the Rizumi in the Canadian way and help you search for work.. Some programs offer you a volunteer job opportunity as Volunteer, which is a more than excellent opportunity to come into contact with a Canadian work environment and acquire new skills.

7- Joining a co-op educational program Co-operative (Co-op) Education programs provide the opportunity for students to apply what they have learned in the course during a period of paid work.



How to search using the Job Bank website:
It is the official job search site of the Canadian government

1- Visit the website at the following link 2- From the column to the left, click on Job Search (see the first picture in the comments)

3- On the next page, choose the province in which you live.

4- Then you will go to the options page (see the second picture in the comments) Job type: Choose Regular jobs Text: Criteria - Search by textSelect All Text Search text: Type here the text of what you are looking for or leave the field blank to display all jobs Date: Choose All Jobs Location: If you are looking for a job in a specific area, otherwise leave the option as it is to display all jobs in the province.

Search 5- On the next page you will find the search results, click on the required job titles for more information.

6- On the advertisement page, you will find detailed information such as salary, location, required skills, required experience, required languages, and then at the bottom of the page how to contact the employer.

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